Two Beautiful Beaches in Goa // Anjuna & Majorda, Goa

So we could make the most of the time we had there (as see as many palm trees as possible) we decided to rent a scooter for a few weeks and travel down the coastline of Goa. After setting off from Arambol, we stopped at 2 smaller beach towns that were a lot quieter than the main cities - though were still worth a visit for different reasons :)


Anjuna was the next stop on our travels after Arambol. Another beach town, this one was quieter than Arambol with a couple of nice restaurants, a night market on Wednesday and a psy trance rave on Thursdays. Anjuna was known as THE party place in the 60's and 70's, but there is much less going on nowadays due to crack down from law enforcement. However it seems they have come to an arrangement that means the music can go on all night on certain days, whereas usually it's off at 11 business.

Anjuna was also my first spotting of a cow on the beach - which has sparked a new hobby of photographing moo's on the beach. One that, like bird watching, is probably most interesting to me. But here are a few anyway!

One restaurant in particular that took our fancy was a place called 'Goa's Arc' 1) for the food and 2) for the animals! This place had really taken the name seriously and had chickens, rabbits, birds, ducks and many other animals in various degrees of free range (all within a pen, not in the actual restaurant). The food was also delicious with some of the best hummus, outside of the sabra factory, that we had tasted.

We also got in a day trip to Little Vagator beach (the quieter end of Vagator) from Anjuna, and happened to be there the day of Shiva' birthday. In the rocks at one end of Little Vagator, there is an impression carving in the stone of Shiva's face by an unknown artist, and as it was Shiva's birthday there was a beach procession and puja on this set of rocks in his honour. We did not get any photos of this (to be respectful) but it involves prayer with flowers and offerings of fruit and was very peaceful to watch. We also saw another cow. Moo.


This was a stop off we chose as I had family staying near by, and ended up being the quietest but most beautiful stop on our journey. This was one of the prettiest and cleanest beaches we had visited in Goa, potentially because the clientele was a bit older than other places (some of the resorts were over 30's only) we have been where they were catering mostly for 20-soething year old travellers.

Being somewhere between youthful and wanting to run around Goa on a scooter/also appreciating creature comforts and a good book on the beach - we enjoyed being somewhere where there wasn't much more to do but marvel at the sunset.

Although there were a mostly tourists on the beach, we also saw a huge Indian wedding being set up in one of the resorts and the bride and groom posing for photos on the beach (dangerously close to the waves!). It was nice to see some tradition going on as well.

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