Beach Huts, Palm Trees and Sunsets // Palolem, Goa

Palolem was the last place we visited on our scooter journey down the coast of Goa before heading back up to the North. It was yet another relaxing week on the beach and we splashed out on a proper beach hut made on wood (last one was mostly bamboo and tarpaulin) with its own little porch and everything! We opted for a garden view and it was an gruelling 15 metres walk all the way to the beach. This week I came to fully appreciate the benefits of one of those sleep aids that plays nature sounds, as falling asleep to the sound of the ocean was lovely.

We also found some great little health food and vegan spots in Palolem which made eating healthy super easy (what is it about chips and the beach that work so well together!?). Our favourite was somewhere called Zest which was a little pricier than other spots in town - but the portions were quite big, the vegan cheesecake and ice cream was delicious; and the decor was adorable. So a winning/unmissable combo.

Most of our time in this beach town was spent (as to be expected) on the beach so not a lot of activities were taken part in. However, we did get a few nice pictures of some cow art, palm tress and sunsets. As who could ever get sick of sunsets and palm trees? Or cows.

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