Wandering around the Blue City // Jodhpur, India

During our travels through Rajasthan we stopped in Jodhpur for 3 days - which was the perfect amount of time to enjoy this city. The main attraction for us were the astonishing views of the blue washed buildings, topped by the dominating 'Mehrangarh Fort', but we were also pleasantly surprised by the labyrinth of vibrant market streets to explore down in the town.

We read 2 theories as to why so many buildings in  Jodhpur are blue 1) that blue originally indicated a high-caste brahmin residence and 2) that blue deterred insects/mosquitoes. Now most of the buildings in the city are painted blue - which if you can find yourself a hotel with a rooftop cafe, makes for a view that can be stared at for hours.

Jaswant Bhawan Home Stay

The above is the name of the hotel we stayed at, which is the main reason we came way from Jodhpur under the impression it offered some of the best city views we'd seen so far on the trip. The pictures below show the blue city at some of it's best angles, as well as parts of the guesthouse which were lovely in their own right.

Around Jodhpur

Just wandering around Jodhpur was a site in itself. On our travels we came across a gorgeous lake under the fort, which was seemingly hidden as one moment you were in the narrow streets of Jodhpur and one turn later it felt like you were out in the hills/countryside. We also saw many a blue building, streets and streets of markets and a fairly uneventful clock tower.

Mehrangarh Fort

The is the fort that overlooks the town and is one of the largest in Rajasthan. We didn't make it into it, but did climb the hill to see it up close, as well as take in some more sweet views of Jodhpur from a different angle. As you can see from the pictures, it is indeed v large...

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