10 Days in Pushkar Paradise // Pushkar, India

Our time in Pushkar was a fairly uneventful 10 days of drinking masala chai, sampling local foods and blissfully wandering around the town and surrounding countryside. After 2 weeks in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur - Pushkar came as a calm relief from the busy cities. 

We really enjoyed our time in the Golden Triangle, site seeing and getting to grips with this new country and culture - but being in Pushkar for so long gave us a chance to put some of our new skills to use (haggling being the main one) and relax and reflect on the madness that was our first 2 weeks in India.

Pushkar Lake

One of the main reasons this town is so relaxing, is the beautiful Pushkar Lake around which the city is built. A sacred Hindu site, over the 10 days we were there we saw wedding parades through the steets and pilgrims arriving to bathe in the lake daily. Photography is prohibited in a lot of places by the lake, so below are some of our favourite pictures of the lake from various exciting angles:

Savitri Temple Hill

We did not actually go into this temple, but climbed the hill twice (Martyn's idea - but the views and sunset were amazing I guess). We also think we managed to answer one of our queries which was 'where do all the monkeys go at night?' During the day the town is filled with them, but they all disappear at night. Being up there around sunset revealed that a lot of them head up there when it starts getting dark - the makings of an entertaining walk back.

The Climb

The Sunset

The Monkeys

Around Town

As we spent so long in Pushkar, we got to experience a bit of what day to day life is like in this small town. So here are a few pictures from the streets and stores of Pushkar. A common theme (as is the case with a lot of India towns) = cows.

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