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This is actually a very hard blog for me to write as I am currently 5 days away from an end of summer holiday in Sicily but, have just discovered the most delicious faux fur bomber jackets! This is making me want to jump straight into Autumn and completely ignore the Italian get away I have been looking forward to for months.

The Design Studio’ is a Mother (Sally) and Daughter (Lettie) duo from Hawarden in the UK. IN THE UK! YEESS. Do you understand saddening it is to discover a new brand, and find it out it's £30 shipping to get anything out of the US!?

They both design the jackets, and then Sally creates them in her Home Studio which is which is such a lovely thought. Sally at home darning these bombass jackets. Their website states that ‘Each jacket is a complete one off, exclusive design making every ‘TDS Bomber Jacket’ entirely unique’. Your own exclusive jacket design.

Anyway, that's enough from me - take a look at the pretty!! You can tell I've been stalking their insta.

Current Designs

Since writing this blog, this jacket has now unfortunately sold out!

Exclusively designed and made Faux Fur Bomber Jackets🍥👌🏼

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Past Designs

If you want to check out their shops or any social media, check out the below:

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