Rabot 1745 // Borough Market

Rabot 1745 is a restaurant with a bar, cafe and terrace by Hotel Chocolat based in Borough Market - where almost everything contains a little dash of chocolate.

Before I launch into what is clearly going to be a glowing review (it's Hotel there any other type of review?) lets all take a moment to thank the Gods of Chocolate for first inspiring whoever is behind Hotel Chocolat into creating this wondrous brand, and secondly - further inspiring them to bring us a restaurant where almost everything contains chocolate.

My visit was an unplanned drop in to the cafe on a day off for a coffee/tea, but after dipping a toe into their chocolate infused cafe selection - I will definitely be returning for the full restaurant menu.

The inside is quite simple with a lot of wood and natural material decor. It also has an open front (I assume only when it's warm) so even when it's empty you still get some of the energy and atmosphere from the market outside.

In the cafe area - they  serve the usual suspects such as Americano, Cappuccino, Breakfast tea etc etc. with both milk and coconut milk options . However its when you start exploring the chocolate drinks that it gets really interesting. They have all flavours of drinking chocolate from classic to salted caramel (when I visit again, I will DEFINITELY be getting. Salted Caramel is Life.) as well as chocolate coffee, frothed milk cocoa (whatever that is) and chocolate infused teas.

I went for one of their infusion teas called 'Peppermint and Cocoa shell' which has coca shells in the teabag. It smelled like heaven, but still tasted mostly of peppermint - so if you're thinking 'Areo Mint Hot chocolate' you are wrong. It was still really refreshing like a peppermint tea, but smelled like melted mint chocolate so still felt very indulgent but not too naughty.

The cafe also sells a selection of Hotel Chocolat chocolates, and chocolate made in the store itself, as can be seen below, which are very tempting. As previously hinted at, if you every get the chance to try the Salted Caramel Selector's - do it. They are heavenly.

Basic summary of this fairly short review - if you are a chocolate lover, I suggest you get down there ASAP.

End Note: No toes were actually dipped into any drinks, that would be hot and gross.

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