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If you are a vegetarian and live in London, by now you've probably heard of Mildred's. You will then also know that it is fairly long to get into, unless you love to queue - so much so, that it was quoted on the back of their cookbook...

However, Lady Luck was yet again on our side (see Rosa's Thai Cafe) when the bf and I decided to try it for lunch on a Monday. You're probably thinking this isn't much of a triumph, it being a Monday at about 10 to 12, but believe me - by 12.30 there were people queuing to get inside it's delicious doors.

One of the things I loved about this place was the real variety of people in there. There were ladies lunching, some middle-agers having a catch up, couples, mothers, daughters and local professionals popping into to get some take away lunch (it has a fancy salad box section at the front which also looked scrummy). There were some hipster-esque spotting's - one head of dreadlocks and 2 septum piercings - but aren't there anywhere you go nowadays!?

The menu was great - a good balance between simple comfort foods (soup, pasta, burgers) and more unusual and exotic dishes (fried buffalo tofu, risotto cake, gyoza dumplings). So it'd be pretty hard not to find something you'll enjoy.

We started by sharing the hummus (bf's fave) and baba ganoush with grilled flatbread. Being somewhat of a London  hummus connoisseur I left the judgement of this to him, so when he pronounced it to be 'outrageous' - you know it was good. We even ordered extra flatbread to make the most of the dips, which came warm with a bit of oil and salt. Delicious.

Ever on the hunt for a great veggie burger, the bf ordered the 'Classic Burger' which was smoked tofu and lentil in a focaccia bun, with either Monterey Jack or vegan cheese (plus norms burger trimmings - lettuce, tomatoes etc). We did ask what the vegan cheese was like, but was told it was more plastic-y than normal cheese (unfortunately a classic side affect of vegan cheese) so he did end up going for the normal cheese instead. FYI, apparently the best vegan cheese (so good it could be normal cheese I have been told by an actual vegan) is to be found on Firezza Pizza.

I got the pumpkin, ricotta and sage tortelloni with wild mushroom, marsala cream sauce, which the waitress said was the best thing on the menu and I have to agree. It was quite rich but that is my favourite kind of food. Really creamy sauce, chewy mushrooms (in a good way) with quite a sweet and cheesy pasta filling.

If we get to go again I will definitely be sampling the vegan mushroom and ale pie as I love mushroom, and pie - so it sounds dreamy. I'll also be forcefully suggesting the bf to get the burrito so I can have a try as well. Sneaky!

All in all Mildred's was a real treat and I would recommend it to anyone - it's a testament to it's deliciousness that we bought the cookbook immediately. A new restaurant has also just opened in Camden as well as they are doing a 50% off opening discount till the end of November - so get there if you can!

Mildred's Website:
Twitter: @mildredslondon
Instagram (for food stalking): mildredslondon

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