Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation Center // Agra, India

When researching elephant safaris and centres in India, it was really important to us that we went somewhere that treated the animals well. Luckily we found the 'Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation Centre' just outside Agra, which seems to be the only one if its kind in India.

Wildlife SOS is an organisation that rescue all types of animals living in distressing situations (such as baby Macaque monkeys being kept as pets, elephants kept in circuses, begging etc) or else at threat due to deforestation - though it is mainly known for its work with the “Dancing Bears” of India. 

We organised a tour (its important to book apparently as the elephants have routines!) at the Elephant centre for 2.30pm which meant we were around for the elephants afternoon walk at 4pm - which was amazing. We were told that in the wild elephants walk between 50-80 km a day looking for food, water etc, which is also important for keeping their nails filed down so they don't get infected etc. Most elephants they rescue arrived with feet issues and infections as they are kept in smalls rooms and don't move around nearly enough. Once they are treated and better, the staff take them for a 3 hour walk in the morning and evening to keep them active and as close to their natural exercise routine as possible. (video below )

Our guide took us round and told us where each of the elephants had been rescued from and how the charity has helped them. We could not meet any of the males as apparently it was mating season so they were being pretty aggressive - however some of the lovely ladies they were taking care of can be seen below. Sorry about all the poop.

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