I've been wanting to go to SUSHISAMBA ever since it opened in London for 2 reasons:

  1. Sushi is delicious and I had a sneaky suspicion this would be the most delicious of all the sushi's
  2. That SATC episode where Samantha manages to get reservations for the NY restaurant and falls out with all the other gals & almost can't find anyone to go

Luckily I have my own fab friend who made the booking 3 months prior and kept me as her plus one for the next 13 weeks.

After smugly announcing to the bouncer that we did indeed have a reservation and zooming up the insanely fast lift, we arrived on the 39th floor bar for a pre-dinner drink. We decided on Espresso Martini's as it was a Friday after work so an alcohol-caffeine combo was in need, but we have heard great things about the Chu-Cumber cocktail (a mix of Hendricks Gin, elder flower liqueur and freshly muddled cucumber) if you were after something more refreshing/an early night.

My fab freind Ab who made this all possible!

We then had the pleasure of drinking these on the bar's balcony which is on the 38th floor, level with the restaurant. It features a twinkling orange fairy-light tree (as can be seen above) and a spectacular view of London. Unfortunately for us it was a foggy night so our view was limited - but we were so high up it was still pretty great.

The sushi was, as expected, delicious. I'm potentially going to let you down a bit here, but not going into specific details on why it was delicious - but I am no sushi expert so am not entirely sure where to start describing why. HOWEVER, as an avid eater of Wasahi, Itsu, Yo Sushi and generally any mainstream sushi place you can think of - this one was the bomb. There were no instances of flavourless fish, tough prawn nigiri that you can't bite through or any overly-wasabi-ed induced heart attacks.

We went for the edamame beans, salt and pepper squid, the 'Samba London' rolls (when in Rome) and several types of Nigiri and Maki whose exact names escape me (there was some wine involved as well which may be why). The waitress said 5 dishes would do for 2, but we ended up going for 6 as we are little sushi loving pigs.

The waiters were great - being attentive but not pushy and let us sit until we had finished our drinks, unlike some places that try and chuck you out on your last mouthful. It wasn't cheap, but wasn't as much as I expected at about £55 including wine - although you could definitely spend a lot more if you tried, with a Kobe Beef Ishiyaki that apparently costs £1000.

To finish - I would highly recommend SUSHISAMBA, potentially for a special occasion if you don't fancy paying that much for a Friday night dinner - not only for the food, but the experience of the view, the decor, being that high and the lunatic-ly fast lift.

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