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After an unsuccessful attempt to visit another restaurant - the bf and I stumbled upon Rosa's Thai Cafe off Carnaby Street whilst embarking on the often frustrating task of wandering around trying to find an alternative.
We didn't have to wait long, which was good as at this point I was at near starvation. However this may have been a fluke, as it quickly got busy. Since there isn't a bar area at this particular branch, it's advisable to book if you don't want to hang around woefully staring at other people's food.

We started by ordering drinks - I went for wine, he went for beer. There is only one beer option and it is the smallest bottle (there is no shame talking about the booze situation first - lets not kid ourselves, these things are important).

However, the wine options were much more varied coming by the ''Glass, Bottle or Carafe'. This is the perfect option for those of you (like myself) who don't have enough restraint to not order 3 glasses (same amount, more money - boo) but also don't have the drinking resiliency (lightweight alert) for a whole solo bottle.

The food was great and it was lovely to see lots of dietary options - most carnivores, herbivores and pescivores alike are guaranteed several choices.

We started with some prawn crackers and vegetable spring rolls - classic and delicious. One good thing about these two dishes is that the spring rolls came with the expected sweet chilli sauce but the prawn crackers came with peanut sauce. This was a nice little change as otherwise we may have been in danger of death by sweet chilli. A rare but serious ailment.

I then had the Rosa's Green Thai Curry with aubergine, bamboo shoots, sweet basil and the vegetables and tofu. This was really tasty and I loved the inclusion of aubergine as it is one of my favourite vegetables. I haven't come across this before, but have been told this makes it make authentic which is interesting hear (and also makes me look like a curry pleb). It was slightly spicer than I expected, but that's because I totally ignored the very helpful and obvious 'Spice' key (good one me).

The bf apparently had the 'Pumpkin Red Curry', but this disappeared in about 5 minutes so I can only assume it was delicious. I had no chance. Grrr.

At the end of the meal we wandered into the rainbow lit street feeling tipsy and upbeat. Although we didn't try a wide variety of the food and pretty much stuck to the basics, we were pleasantly surprised by some of the unique and authentic details. Will definitely go again.

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