Weekend Away // Brighton

Unfortunately these last few days you wouldn't know it, but before the grey clouds descended (it's supposed to be July!?) - it was actually pretty sunny! Especially in Brighton (really shoe-horned a link there, not the smoothest - I'll admit it).

I think I've only been to Brighton once when I was about 10 and it mainly involved feeding 2p coins into those machines where you can only win more 2p coins, and maybe getting a slush puppy. And this trip was not so different! But also very different. Read on for my fave things about Brighton and why you should go there too...

It's only 45 mins away from London!

For some reason I had it in my head it was like, hour and a half - 2 hours away BUT it's only 45 mins on the train from Clapham Junction. This means if you don't know anyone down there (like we did) and don't want to get a B&B - it's totally do-able as a day trip.


The shopping is AMAZING

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I saw so many shops I wanted to go in that weren't just...Topshop. Not that I have anything against high street shops (I Topshop), but it was so great to see loads of shops with things in that I loved and no one else I knew would probably have as they were all independant.

We spent most our time in 'The Brighton Lanes' as that's where the quirky, vintage shops and stalls were. Some particular favourites of mine were 'JUJU Brighton' which has clothes from across different brands chosen because of their boho, beachy style - then also 'To Be Worn Again' which was a great vintage shop that had so many goodies I wish we'd discovered it first as I was at the end of my shopping tolerance when we did (though maybe that's a good thing...)

The Pier

We spent about 3 hours on the Pier wasting money but it was worth it for the lolz. As previously mentioned, there was many a wasting of 2p coins on the most pointless (but addictive) arcade game nut didn't quite feel bold enough to go for the 10p game (I'm not made of money). There was also a dance arcade machine (which is impossible in flip-flops), whack-a-mole, motorbike driving whatever thingies - honestly no idea what any of these are officially called but you get the idea.
Only weird complaint was EVERYTHING has been taken over my the Minions, so you can only really win different sized versions of them. But I quite like the tickets so have just kept them instead of claiming a prize. Plus I didn't actually get enough for a prize, but that's neither here nor there...


Food and Drink

Similar to the shops, there are lots of boutique cafes and restaurants for all dietary needs (vegetarian, gluten free, vegan, carnivore...the lot). We went somewhere called 'Inside Out' - great brunch menu - and a pub called 'The Coach House' whose website honestly doesn't do it justice as it was lovely. They had recently had a wedding there where the bride had made strings of origami birds to hang around the place, which they've kept up and looks great. A real girly, bunting-outside, fairylight-y place for a drink.
Also I feel like I need to mention the fish and chips! Not at the coach house but just in general - I don't have a picture of the food or the name of where we went in the evening (so informative right?) but here's a link to an article on the top 5 places for fish ands chips in Brighton - though I'm sure, most places are prime. When it comes to fish and chips in Brighton. Just do it.
Inside Out

The Coach House

The Beach and the Views

Last but not least, being by the sea and all the shops being boutique and unique (rhyme time) meant that Brighton is just a really pretty, colourful place to be. 

Obviously both the beach and the views are better on a sunny day, but luckily it was glorious sunshine. So lets end this with some of the best pictures from the trip to try and forget the recent rain...

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