Homeslice Pizza // Covent Garden

I haven't actually been to this restaurant for a while as I am unfortunately without job, which means I am also without pizza. Sob. But I was dreaming of these delicious, oversized cheesy bread monstrosities yesterday and I felt compelled to write about it. And maybe someone will take pity on me and take me again. Hint hint.

Homeslice is a 'wood fired' pizza restaurant tucked away in a small courtyard in Covent Garden (Neal's Yard to be specific). When you arrive, there will inevitably be a queue (they don't take reservations, it's a first come first serve situation) but they will take your name and number and allow you to wander off and have a drink/shop/whatever while you wait. So many places nowadays won't let you leave if you are on the waiting list it is so great not to have to stand watching other people eat YOUR dinner. They also have phone chargers behind the hostess desk in case your battery is running low and you need to hang around for 10 mins recharging your phone so you don't miss your call! This is a lifesaver for people who never have their phones charged.

Then there is the pizzas. OH the pizzas! At 20 inches and £20 a go, I personally think you get plenty of munch for your money. They have a variety of flavours which change --- and go way beyond your classic 'margarita' and 'pepperoni' (though these are available for the less adventurous eater if you so desire). I had a 'cauliflower cheese aubergine, spinach and harissa', which was cauliflower cheese sauce base instead of tomato, obviously aubergine and spinach on top then harissa which is like a spicy, red pesto. It was divine. You can have a whole pizza with just one topping OR you can go 50/50. The full menu can be seen here. They also have a variety of exciting, some locally made, soft and alcoholic drinks including prosecco on tap! What other excuse do you need!?

The actual restaurant isn't massive but I personally think this just creates atmosphere, so I would not recommend it for people that don't like lively restaurants (boring). The location is really good both for people who live in London, it's 10 minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road, Leicester Square and Holborn underground stations, and those who would be travelling up to Waterloo, 20 mins walk cross Waterloo Bridge to Neal's Yard in Covent Garden. The wait staff were also really nice, and passionate about the restaurant (one guy gave us the history of Homeslice which for anyone who is interested is also on their website as 'The Journey')

All in all a delicious eat, a great location and a lot of pizza! I recommend this wholeheartedly.

Homeslice Website:
Twitter: @homesliceLDN

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